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Fur Backpack

Fur Backpack

Fur Backpack

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unicorn hamperunicorn themed gift basket

Gift hamper for Unicorn Lovers – birthday gifts, gift for girls, surprise gifts


Item No: Hamper –PG-146-CLK

Best gift hampers for best friend on occasion of friendship day, gift this unique hamper for sister too.

Best birthday gift hamper for girlfriend, This unicorn gift hamper is a limited edition gift hamper which has it all.

Combo includes:

1 Unicorn Sequin Bag bag pack – 599/-

1 Unicorn square double sided mirror – 230/-

2 Unicorn pen – 240/-

1  Unicorn fur dome – 299/-

Total Value of Hamper : – Rs. 1368/-

Discounted Price – of Hamper – 1190/-  You Save – 178 Rs. /-

1,368.00 1,190.00 13% Off
Furry Animal Side Bag

Adorable Animals Side/Shoulder Bag


Item no: 2242-L

  • Amazingly designed Side Bags with Adorable animal faces for children and for girls.
  • Easily adjustable shoulder straps to adjust the carrying height.
  • Great for carrying small books, Macbooks, Snacks, or any other daily use accessories.
  • Made from unique high-quality premium plush material for increased softness and ease of carrying.
  • Perfect for gifting on birthdays and other special occasions.
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Fur Panda Backpack

Cute Furry Panda Backpack/Bag


Item No: 4500-K

  • Very Cute and Plushy Furry Panda Backpack for Kids and Girls.
  • This adorable and fluffy Panda patterned Bag is certainly an eye-catcher that is perfect for children, adolescents, girls, and women.
  • This Mini backpack purse is suitable for carrying an iPad, a tablet, cosmetics, coins, and other small objects to your daily college or work routine.
  • Ideal for going to playing at the park, school, driving, and any other outdoor activities for kids during the school year.
  • Soft Material which feels very soft while carrying with adjustable straps.
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Mickey Furry BagsMickey Furry Bags

Cute Mickey Mouse Fluffy Backpack/Bag for Boys/Girls


Item Code: 4500-E

  • Adorable Mickey Mouse Bags for your Children and Loved ones to enjoy school and picnic day.
  • Made from Unique Premium quality plush which is is non-toxic and fluffy, and it is easily washable.
  • You may place small children’s objects in it, such as books, small booklets, pens, and so on.
  • Your small nursery or elementary school children will be happy to go to school with this backpack because of the super cute pattern and design.
  • Especially perfect for outings to the aquarium, gardens, biking, and other outdoor activities.
  • Perfect Gifting idea for any and all occasions.
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Furry Unicorn Backpack

Dreamy Unicorn Colored Furry Backpack/Bag with Ears


Item no: 2159-G

  • Dreamy and Elegantly designed Furry Unicorn Backpack with amazing shaded color.
  • With Cute Bunny ear pattern for that adorable look.
  • Soft Plush Material is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Zip type closing compartment for carrying accessories of your choice: Your smartphone, sunglasses, textbooks, pen, mirror, keys, money, snacks, napkin, and other small items can all be stored in the backpack.
  • Perfect for gifting to Women and Girls on special occasions and birthdays.
  • Effective for a Variety of Occasions: It’s suitable for daily college, leisure trips, biking, hiking, camping, anime conventions, and other recreational activities.
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Emoji Shoulder Bags

Fluffy Emoji Shoulder Bags for Children


Item Code: 2242-A

  • Cute Smiley Shoulder bags made from soft plush material available in 7 different Variations
  • Enhance your mood by using these Tacky and Funky Smiley shoulder bags.
  • Made from Unique high-quality plush material which is skin-friendly and easily washable
  • This fashionable bag features durable and adjustable straps that make it easy for children to wear. It has enough space for daily essentials to be carried easily.
  • Perfect gift for birthdays and other special occasions.
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556.00 336.00 40% Off
Unicorn Soft Toy BackpackUnicorn Soft Toy Backpack

Fluffy Unicorn Detachable Soft Toy Backpack/Bag


Item No: 4500-C

  • Exquisitely designed Plush Furry Backpack with Detachable Unicorn Soft Toy.
  • Enjoy Playing with your cute and cuddly unicorn friend and carry it with you wherever you go.
  • Made from high-quality fur which is durable and easy to clean.
  • A beautifully designed soft toy to play and cuddle with.
  • Soft Toy Backpack for Girls and Children that can be used as a Travel Bag, Carry Bag, Picnic Bag, and Unicorn Bag.
  • Perfect for birthdays and special occasions: Gift this fluffy, stylish, and huggable Unicorn to your loved one as an ultimate gift to help you have a pleasant vibe all the time.
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1,368.00 1,168.00 15% Off
Sequin BagsSequin Bags

Furry and Glittery Backpack/Bag With Unicorn Horn & Ears


Item No: 2159-F/BRK

  • Glittery and Shiny Unicorn backpack made by specially designed sequin material for that stylish look.
  • Rub your hand over the backpack and see the magic happen as the sequins unfold.
  • Made from Plushy Material for softness and ease of carrying.
  • The pretty sparkling sequins unicorn horn and ears shape adds to the uniqueness of the design, making it more amusing and eye-catching.
  • You can also have fun changing the shape of the magical sequins. The mini fashion backpack can be used to carry your beloved small book, wallet, phone, snacks, cosmetics, and other accessories with you everywhere you go. In addition to front zipper pockets, there is a wide trunk.
  • Perfect gift for women and girls on birthdays and other family occasions.
  • Adjustable straps for comfortable holding position.
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Glittery Sequin Bag

Glittery Girl Reversible Sequin Backpack/Bag with Light


Item No.204 Sequence Bagpack/Bag with Light / AEK

  • Unique High-Quality premium sequins fabric with PU Leatherback and dense nylon shoulder straps.
  • Great for carrying to parties, office occasions, weddings, and costume parties.
  • Reversible sequins can change color and make the bag look stylish and trendy.
  • Zipper Closure with large space and small zipping enclosure for storing items like Ipad, smartphones, glass cases, wallets, etc.
  • Perfect for gifting on birthdays and other occasions.
  • Has a light feature that looks amazing when turned on.
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1,464.00 1,264.00 14% Off
Hello Kitty Plush Bags

Hello Kitty Fluffy Backpack/Bag


Item Code: 4500-L

  • Cute Hello Kitty Fluffy Backpacks for small girls and women.
  • Made from unique high-quality plush material which is soft and cuddly as well as easy to clean.
  • Wonderful Gift: Adorable and Chic hello Kitty school backpacks, Great Gift for kids with Lovely theme, Ideal for kids going on picnics and day trips.
  • Adjustable Straps for comfortable carrying position adjustment.
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950.00 800.00 16% Off
Plush Minions Backpack

Lovable Minions Plush Fluffy Backpack/Bag


Item Code: 4500-K

  • Lovable Minion Plush Furry Backpack for Children.
  • Non-toxic and gentle fabric.
  • Soft and cuddly high-quality plush material especially for boys and girls in the kindergarten. Suitable for children from 2 to 5 years.
  • Adaptable strap as well as plenty of room for kids things like toys, lunch box, fruits, books for small kids, colored pencils, and other papers.
  • Perfect gift for children on birthdays or special occasions.
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Unicorn Plush BagsUnicorn Plush Bags

My Little Pony Shaped Soft toy Backpack/Bag


Item Code: 4500-B

  • Stunning and adorable My Little Pony soft toy backpack.
  • Cool and Stylish Design of Backpack for Carrying lucky pony with you.
  • Smooth fluffy material which is very comfortable to wear.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps and a top handle make this backpack comfortable to wear for girls of varying heights, and the zipper closure design makes it convenient to switch out – and put in items.
  • Convenient for carrying smartphones, books, stationery, and cosmetics.
  • Wonderful gifting idea for you or your children and for girls.
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Paw Patrol Plush Bags

Paw Patrol Plush Backpacks with Detachable Soft toy


Item Code: 4500-J

  • Adorable and cute Paw Patrol Plush Backpack for Kids and Teens.
  • The best size for kids to take in the car, on an airplane, on a picnic, or just to play with at home.
  • A detachable soft toy of your favorite paw patrol character to play around with.
  • Our Plush Backpack can be washed by hand in cold water or in the washing machine, ensuring that it is germ-free and clean at all times.
  • The most ideal birthday present or gift for a birthday celebration or any other occasion. Our unique high-quality fluffy backpacks are the ideal gift for any child, son, or daughter, for any occasion.
  • For all the Paw Patrol Collectors out there!!!
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Emoji Sling Bags RoundEmoji Sling Bags Round

Wacky Emoji Sling Bags (Plush)


Item Code: 2242-B

  • Made from Premium High-quality plush material with durable fabric which is light-weighted, appealing, colorful, and vibrant.
  • Very nice, small, and attractive so you always feel happy. Present this smooth and cuddly handbag to your loved ones as memorable gifts.
  • This non-toxic and Skin Friendly bag is made from the finest materials and is safe for carrying all your essential items.
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap for varying the height easily
  • Emoji bags are good for children At birthday parties, return gifts, functions, competition prizes, and handbags for small accessories on a journey.
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