Water Bottle & Flask

Water Bottles & Flask Bottle

Stylish & Cool Water Bottles for all uses. At Propgifts shop we have a cool collection for drinking water bottles, flasks, thermos bottles, glass Bottles, Sipper bottle & more for you to relish the shopping trends.

This Bottle & Flask can be used in Gym’s recreational sports or can also be used as a travel water bottle. We have a unique range of small water bottles to big water sipper bottle and also metal water bottle.

We also have an Antique Range of  Stylish Glass Water Bottles which can be used indoor for office or home purpose.

We service across India with Amazingly fast delivery and genuine return policies. We have a 3 Lakh+ Happy Customer base who enjoy’s their online gift shopping with us.

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Staying hydrated is important for every living being. Drinking water keeps your skin glow, supporting you in losing weight. If you have that one friend that drinks the whole bottle of water for every few hours and never sees them without her or his water bottle, then nothing can amaze them more than giving them a quality bottle.

Let your people drink from ultra-stylish bottles
With many cool and new bottles from us, it is super simple to drink and give a bottle that makes people thirsty when they don't actually. You don't need to buy those plain and old
bottles — get bottles from Prop Gifts that are widely ranged by unique designs and shapes.

Excellent gift for everyone
If you have an on-go-person in your life who forget everything and leave quickly then end up craving water for the whole day or drink from a plastic water bottle. If you care about them, give them our regular reusable bottles that know how to appeal to your loved one. This is a great way to indicate to them that you have put good thought to a gift. Either its mothers day, birthday, housewarming, new job gift every special day needs a terrific bootie from Propgifts.

Prop Gifts reusable water bottles
Great for cold mornings, sporting activities, summer picnics, schools, traveling, and more. Our bottles are enough to fight against the pressures of drops and our daily life activities.
Propgifts bottles are even perfect for short and long trips, handbag's or backpacks.