Prepaid orders :

If the order is not shipped , it can be cancelled. Prepaid orders refund are given in the form of a store credit.

How do I return unused goods?

To return unused goods, please email us at [email protected] and we will guide you through the Return process. The process will depend on your location and the category of the goods you wish to return.

Cancellation of orders :

The whole order amount will be refunded if the order is cancelled, lost or undelivered to your preferred location.
Propgifts reserves the right to cancel any order without any explanation for doing so, under the circumstances where the requirement could not be met. The company will ensure that any communication of cancellation of an order or any applicable refund will be made in a reasonable time.

You cannot open the box without making the payment at the time of delivery

If the product or packaging has been tampered with, do not accept the order